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After describing some of my close comrades in Indonesian, I want to describe the closest one with English because we two often take conservation with English hehe. Here you go… Renovita Rusdi!

Reno and I (muka gue -_-). BTW itu first Anniv ATOMIC.

Tangan Reno and I (mukak gue, lagi. -_-)

Reno is one of my closest comrades. We often have been being united in one committee. Reno and I have the similar interest about music, books, or anything else. Reno—in my sight—doesn’t get easy to collide to other people. She only close to three or four friends. Same as me.
Reno has a blogspot like me. She names her blog as ‘Gensukma’ or Generasi Suku Maya.
Reno and I are the two of several ATOMIC members who were accepted as students in Titian Teras Senior High School. Reno came from Spenjoe. Except Titian Teras, Reno was accepted in Taruna Nusantara SHS in Magelang, one of the best SHS in this country. Wow!
Reno—like the other gurls—likes selfie. Whenever she gets a camera or handphone, she starts selfieing. Occasionally, she takes selfie alone, sometimes she asks her close friends to enjoy capturing ourselves.

Me - Reno - Mitha

Mitha as secretary of department - Reno - Me - Firman as the chief of department 

And I didn’t recognise Reno as well as now when we were tenth grade. We had different classes. Reno was one of twenty-three member of Country Maniac or X-3, and my class distant two classrooms from Reno’s. But I knew several things about Reno; she was a paskib member in our school, she was an OSIS member—specifically Humas (an old Republik name)—in 10th grade, she has good writing, and she used to become confused on Twitter at night when we were holiday… (-_-)
Also, Reno ever designated me as Editor in MAGIC OSIS 2013/2014. I and Reno became Editor, with kak Novia Widayanti, too. But it hasn’t been finished, I don’t know why…
In eleventh grade, we were placed in Necromancer. First times we met in the class, I used to get Reno sleeping during kegiatan belajar mengajar or KBM. Reno was sleeping anytime.  Reno was the legend when we are used to frightened to sleep during Chemistry class because the teacher was ‘killer’, but she take it easy. I remember—she sat in 2nd row of class chairs,  and she was brave to do it! How cool haha.  I ever saw Reno cried in her secret rendezvous in class. Because of our class was the laboratory, there are two useless rooms. Reno made it a secret rendezvous. On the other hand, it also became urgent-printing room for OSIS or SOCHA. ._.
For some reasons, I and Reno become close, even that time I haven’t been brave to confide to Reno. We just sharing about something, about our similar hobbies, or books, or our blogs, or our the same acquaintances. Reno recognises most of my friends, so do I know much of Reno’s. Reno is curious about my secret book that I used to bring in class. HAHAHA. It was my secret, Ren. :p
I placed in one Division with Reno in OSIS. You could read about this here.

Science and Technology Department

Other people called it Relation and Publication, we named it Family :)

I think, Reno was a good partner in Republik. Reno had many brilliant ideas. Harry got true to say that Reno is ‘otak Republik’—because Reno knew more about Republik than the rest members. Reno has drawn into it in 10th grade, so yeah, she knew more. One thing interested is, my ideas and Reno’s almost always congenial. Reno ever said, ‘nam, kok kita selalu sepemikiran, sih?’. Haha.
But our relation in the division wasn’t always good. Reno, as a girl, brokenly become baperan didn’t want to talk with us, didn’t want work with us, and we didn’t know the reason. It often makes us confused -_-
Normally Reno want to talk to us about two or three days, and she explained things that made her bad mood.
Besides, Reno is the most spirit member of Republik, I think! When we were mager of the duties, Reno always seemed happy and her enthusiasm always huge. She always smiles and laughs when we gathered to finish the duties (certainly when she doesn’t get her mood bad -_-). She is used to diluting the situation. But…, she is often late when we want to gather and has made promise (-_-). I remember When we (me, Reno, Harry and Chaca—the treasurer of MAGIC)  had promised that we would gather at 16.00, Reno and Chaca been late 15 munites, succeeded to made me and Harry bad mood and assumed that they wouldn’t come haha.
Sometimes, when we gathered, Reno bought us snacks hehe. Pardon us for being mager, Ren. Hehe. Ah, but you too also been mageran sometimes, hah? :p
In first MAGIC, Reno became secretary. Yet, she also became an unwritten sie. Editor to help me hehe. But, as the core committee like me and Harry, Reno also became sie. designer (core committee doing anything haha -_-).
I, Harry and Reno made the theme and the contents of pages in MAGIC. Reno contributed many ideas for making the theme! When we were stuck, Reno said an reliable idea. She also has made many reconstruction for MAGIC contents.
In critical period for finishing MAGIC before accountability report assembly, Reno can’t help much because she wanted to go to Jakarta for attending Forum Pelajar Indonesia. I saw Reno looks sad because she couldn’t help us. But Reno bought me and Harry Frutami for our beverage during working that moment. A good help, Reno! :)
But… after MAGIC had finished, I and Reno have been being united in BTM committee, hehe. Eventhough we placed the different sie., we still often meet and concatenate the ideas!

this is ours, Ren :))

12/13 BTM committee (ketuanya ilang -_-) + production house chief :)

In 12th grade, we have been placed in the same class, Dos Santos! 

harvesting in Muatan Lokal lesson

Reno is always being Reno—sleep during KBM. But she ever told me that she felt so goof when she got to sleep during dzikir and adzkar in the masjid. So, she could suggest herself don’t ever sleep during dzikir and adzkar, and she did it! I said to her, why don’t you do the same thing in KBM? And I saw a lil bit change of Reno. She always sit in the floor, making the chair as her desk, and then listen to the teacher concernly.
Reno is being more curious to me. She always asks about what are the contents of my secret books. She knows few of my secrets, huh. She was mocking me when she saw me write or read on my book. -_- But, Reno is one of two my close friends who get a chance to write in my secret book! The first was Alin who writes about BTM, and Reno writes advice to me. Private message.

I blurred it, Ren. I consider it's private ._.
I and Reno often kirim-balas-surat—certainly about MAGIC or Republik or anything else. Instead talking in class and everyone knows about what we talk about, we prefer surat- suratan, hehe.

We're gonna arrange MAGIC pages.

Cie qaqa Eno udah menunggu quw dari qmaren

it's ready to be sent :)

It contains relieving, confusing and regretting.

Reno being more often confide to me, so do i. But Reno oft confide ngengantung, I mean…, dia cerita gak selesai dan buat gue kepo -_-
Reno is the most straightforward friend I have. She advises me straightforwardly and frontally. She comments about quotes I often write in the whiteboard whenever I bored in the class few times. At the time she did that, I turned into badmood. But, after think about it and reflecting, it is a good advice, huh?
Reno is the most caring friend I have :) whenever she gets myself down, she asks me what happening. Whenever I gloomy, she always asks with her peculiar grin or her most mengiba face, ‘kau kenapo, nam?’. I barely get hampered caused of her, but…, hey, you have a care fellas! You have to be grateful.

Reno is sholehah girl maybe. She always brings an automatic dzikir machine to the class. She always brings Al- Qur’an to the class. Maintain it, Reno! Be a good muslimah and get a husband with some requirements you ever write in your secret book haha :p

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